Jen Rudy
Jen Rudy

The way I got started with YL oils is with the premium starter kit! This gives you a free, no strings attached wholesale membership! It's worth over $330 - but it is ONLY $160! Hands down the best value, and the best way to get started using oils. It's super easy to grab a kit: just click here, & I'll make sure to add you to our awesome FB resources!

•Let's break the PSK down:

Lemon: detoxing, tasty water.
Digize: tummy anything.
Lavender: sleep, skin.
Copaiba: skin, muscles, chillin’.
Thieves: magic, health keeper.
Citrus Fresh: fresh laundry.
PanAway: happy muscles + joints.
Frankincense: yoga vibes, skin, calm.
Raven.: breathing is fun.
Stress Away: vacation in a bottle.
Peppermint: breathe, muscles, brownies.
+diffuser of your choice.
+lots of oily info
+ningxia samples
+thieves cleaner sample
+cute little bottles 
+roller top
+support community to help the whole way

• Diffuser of your choice: The diffusers are amazing and are made with medical grade plastic to be used specifically with these super concentrated oils. Diffusing is an awesome way to introduce oils into your home! I can’t sleep without my diffuser and I use it all day as well! I like to switch up my combinations according to my mood. & needs.

• Tons of free goodies in the kit & from me!

I know your family will see sooo many benefits with these bottles of magic because they have helped ours in so many ways!